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• 11/14/2018

Why LuigiFan00001's Subscribers did not increase?

LuigiFan00001 is one of the popular plush youtuber with a massive crossovers from videogames, even cartoons. But why he's not getting subs and views fast? Sometimes because of being challenged by other Youtubers such as SMG4 and LuigiFan00001 never doing Vlogs, even some time required to make a single video (SMG4=once weekly, Luigifan00001=2-3 weeks/a month)

Who will getting more subs?
  • Luigifan00001, the plush video maker
  • SMG4 (Glitch Productions), the Animator/Machinimist
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• 11/4/2018

a new character and there introduction video

ok 2 ideas starting with a new character:this character was hard to decide i had choose between 3 character:tamama from sgt frog the screenslaver from the incredibles 2 or top man from mega man 3 eventually a chose screenslaver just bc we need more hypnosis characters and bc he fits for the video he'll be introduced in its a video where a virus spreads through out the plush kingdom turning the infected into ravage zombies the only person not affected is caput and he goes to hopes peak were he finds a ravage monokuma about to stab the care bears with a knife then caput shoots him with the knife the care bears decide to help him when they stop at the screenslaver's home where a parody of the random encounters FNAF night 4 song the care bears go into his house while caput keeps the zombies distracted once the bears get the screenslaver they find the creator of the virus...scps? they fight the 5 scps they fight scp 106 first 035 second 096 third 049 fourth and scp 173 last once they defeat him caput creates a cure and everything is back to normal this will be a special of course characters we'll see infected are cuphead the squid sisters the shurara core the basement boys head zombie super brainz mac arnold coney citron wario jazz DJ octavio the order of no quarter and izzy glow did i forget to mention 2 other things when there infected here eyes turn yellow and this is also the debute of the scps

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• 10/24/2018

Ideas for more stuff

dear @luigifan0001

im a big fan of your videos but i had some ideas for more characters to appear and to be mentioned series recommendations things that you should continue and 1 new page for this wikipedia for new characters maybe for bosses i would like to see the green kero bot changed into THE ACTUALLY keroro and as the series you introduced him continues he would show more evil intentions another character would be block man from the recent mega man 11

for characters who should have mentions it should be cut man (from mega man) boossus (from luigi's mansion) tussle sprout (skylanders) whisper (to be the first mention that yo kai watch exists in this universe) and the shadow manta (from super mario sunshine) for new series a shovel knight and mega man series should happen and for shows that should continue my only sugguestion is legend of monstro and finally the new page BLOODY BATTALION

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• 8/16/2018

Rango Plush

Dear @luigifan00001
My 3 year old son LOVES watching your YouTube videos of the broodals...especially Rango! He has his heart set on having his own Rango plush. I saw that you made him for your videos...would it be possible for you to make one for me to purchase for my son? Or at the very least point me in the direction of finding one to buy? I’ve looked on every website that I can think to no avail. Please help a desperate mother!!! TIA!!!
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• 7/13/2018

Giant Characters and their Categories

So, the giant characters happen to have two separate categories for the same purpose: organizing the biggest characters in the shows. Said categories are "Giants" and "The Giants!", the latter of which has more characters in their category. We have a choice on what to do.

We can either delete the "Giants" category, or add all of the characters that the "The Giants!" category has to the "Giants" category, and then delete "The Giants!" to make the general category a bit more serious
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• 6/18/2018

Top 10 Favorite Plants VS Zombies Plush Episodes

10. Zombotany Part 1
It was a Awesome episode to introduce one of my favorite Luigifan00001 Characters.
9. Little Munchkin Oopa Loopa Dude
The End scene was pretty Emotional and It shows a connection between Little Munchkin and Arnold.
8. Bolbi The Imp
Ed and Bolbi were pretty Likeable Characters in this Episode and shows how far they can be funnny.
7. Zombie gets his Brain
A really funny Episode even though it is the shortest of the Series.
6. Snorkeler and Raa Zombie
Season 2 was the best season and this is a Great way to start of a Great Second Season just like how Regular Show and Adventure Time's Second Seasons were the best.
5. Monkey Business
This episode introduces us to the Graveyard OPs and this Episode is really funny and Duckweed is a Likable character in this Episode, and the Twister part was Funny.
4. Power me Up
Now Season 3 was a horrible Season due to The Plants winning due to Royal Hypno Flower this is one of the few Season 3 Episodes that i like because The End was the best Moment of the Series the Seven of them If you want a Great Season 3 Episode go watch Power me up.
3. Spring Bean and Burrito Shark
This is one of my Favorite Shorts in the series because Zomboss is so Funny, along with Little Munchkin. and the Water Part
2. Return of Super Ducky
Another great episode from when i watched in early 2016 Ed is depressed because his Pig Died and he wants to be left alone and i like the Ed scene it is Emotional just like the others but Funny and Disco was Funny along with the Eee's and Snorkeler won again XD
1. Head Zombies Sea Shredder
This Episode is freaking awesome Head Zombie in a Sea Shredder with Epic Scenes and Funny Moments makes a Great PvZ Plush Episode however the only nitpick i can say is Ed didn't fight in the Episode but still was a Great Episode overall.

Tell me which is your favorite Episodes in the Comments Below.
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• 2/4/2018

What happened to operation save S.C.A.R.D.Y.?

In PvZ Plush: The Taco, when peashooter organized a meet up with all the plants all the shrooms were talking about this plan. Now that season 3 has finished, I'm wondering if this plan was forgotten or is planed for future episodes?
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• 1/30/2018

Are all of the shows connected?

Could all of my shows become connected or interloped with each other? What are your thoughts?
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• 4/24/2017

Is the Royal Hypno-Flower the True enemy?

After watching and studying some of luigifan00001's recent PvZ videos, ive came up a theory you all might want to ask yourselves: is the Royal Hypno-Flower the true enemy. True, the zombies, especially Dr. Zomboss, are the zombies who want to go and eat some brains, but really, the Hypno-Flower is starting to become mad with power. Heck, she even plannes an assult on the zombiex via a trap during the rain, just so that she can test the zombie's stupidity, and when citron opposes this, she hypnoises him into agreeing the assult. So, think about it and cast your vote: is she really the true enemy to the plants (for right now) or is she doing those violent acts for the greater good?
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• 12/2/2016
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