"Ello~!" ~ Baron von Bats, many occasions

Baron von Bats is a zombie who appeared only in the episode Rise of the Baron as the boss of Season 1. He can summon emo zombies (some in the form of already-existing zombies like Ed, the Zombatonies, etc., and can use his wand to defeat plants all across the world. He has only been with the zombies in one episode only never to be seen again.


Not much is known about Baron von Bats' past. He is a zombie vampire though, and has vampire-like qualities.


The Baron appears as very uppity and elegant. He may also appear as cowardly, considering how he constantly teleports away from others.

Episode Appearances

Physical Appearance

He has a french ascent, top-hat, vampire teeth, and a black coat. On his hat is a golden skull.


  • He has a weak spot in the area of on top of his head.
  • He can teleport leaving a purple smoke behind.
  • He can summon zombies. He can shoot green lasers from his wand.
  • The Baron is one of the few characters with the least number of appearances. Another character similar to him is the Yeti.
  • In The Boss Hunt Part 1, his hair came off due to him being so old. His hair keeps falling off for the past millenniums.