"It's good to be king~" ~ Betrayus; Super Plush Pacman: King of the Cookies

Lord Betrayus Spheros is the lord of all the ghosts in the Nether Realm and currently the main antagonist of Super Plush PacMan after taking Blinky's place as the leader. As of recently he is making plans on how to get rid of PacMan once and for all, even if in the end the plans are all thwarted. Regardless of his failures, he's not stopping anytime soon until he gets rid of the lemon ball for good.


Betrayus has a rather unique appearance for a ghost. As stated he is a fire ghost with "tiki-witch-doctor" like hair, along with his red eyes with black circling around the outer area. Of course there's also his mustache and goatee which isn't too hard to see. Unlike some of the other ghosts whom have normal-looking gloves, Betrayus indeed has "gloves", though they also appear have metallic fingers attached to them.


While it is true that he comes as a malicious duke of spooks, there are times when he has his silly moments and he'll often throw his tantrums when things aren't going his way. And being the fire ghost he is, he has a bad temper and he'll take it out on anyone, even if it's his own henchmen. While he comes as cowardly and childish, he still has a cunning and malevolent nature to him, knowing that one day he'll get that Pac-pest for good and he'll do whatever it takes, even if it means sending out someone else to destroy PacMan.

Episode Appearances

  • Super Plush PacMan: Lord Betrayus: Leader of Ghosts! (debut and onwards)
  • LuigiFan00001's Twelve Days of Christmas 2015 (first appearance)
  • Super Plush Mario: Bowser Party
  • Super Plush Mario: Bowser's Bad Guy Meeting


"Oh by the way get in my throne and you're dead. Also you gay."

"BOO! Needs more explosions!"

"I'll show you what's new, pussycat."

"Your rightful ruler has returned~"

"LAME! I was thinking something more dramatic, something more climatic, you know like; 'I'll get you next time, PacMan!' Or maybe something like; 'Team PacMan is blasting off again!' Of course there's always the famous; 'I'll get you my pretty, and your little Spoopy too!'"

"Well what are you waiting for?! Shoot him already, shoot him!"

"... And instantly, you are now my favorite character."


  • Betrayus is often seen as a weaker major antagonist when compared to others like Shurara or Dr. Zomboss. He is still seen as somewhat powerful though.
  • Speaking of Shurara, he and Betrayus were two major villains that tried to recruit Marie in their armies. The only major difference is Betrayus actually succeeded in recruiting her alongside with Callie, but only in one episode until the two were jailed.