"Well well well, if it ain't PACMAN himself!" ~ Blinky

Blinky is one of the major antagonists of Super Plush PacMan and the leader of the Ghost Gang. Originally, he was the leader of the ghosts altogether before Betrayus showed up, but now he's just the leader of the Ghost Gang. He also happens to be an archenemy of PacMan as well.


Blinky is a red ghost who dons orange gloves. He has a villainous smirk on his face, and has black eyes.


As the leader of the Ghost Gang, Blinky is considered as the most easily annoyed, meanest, and cruelest of the Ghost Gang, always needing to get rid of PacMan after too many times of him foiling his schemes, especially being eaten a lot as well. He is rather diabolical as well, as he will go to measures to choose power over his companions as well, even if it means taking over the entire Plush Universe. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't end well and he's stuck with being the most disgruntled of the Ghost Gang, still trying to get rid of PacMan to this day. He also has a habit of yelling "PACMAN" whilst getting close to the camera whenever he says PacMan's name.

Episode Appearances

Blinky has appeared in every episode of Super Plush PacMan, (including the pilot). He has also appeared in Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3, Episodes Rock the Earth Wild, Fight or Fail, and Friend or Fight.


"The sooner we find the PACMAN, the better."

"Eh whateva, I'll be the shoe."

"Ah who asked you?!"


"There's no possible way we can lose with my newest plan."


  • He made a cameo appearance in Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3, coming to warn Inky and Clyde to "beware the girl in pink."
  • Whenever he says PacMan's name, he has to get up close to the camera and (sometimes) put a bit more energy to it, referencing Clyde from the Hanna Barbera cartoon of PacMan.
  • Blinky is one of the more diabolical villains, attempting to overthrow Betrayus and the Plush King, Sid.
    • However, as a result, he has had a humiliating defeat.