"Can't stand the sugary taste of bubblegum, can ya lassie?" ~ Captain Bubblebeard

Captain Bubblebeard is known as the bubble blowing pirate and one of the many zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. He acquired the rank of The Graveyard Ops in the episode Monkey Business as the sniper after the zombies saved him from Marigold, whom was in a trap set up by his arch-rival Citron. He can chew bubblegum and spit out the bubbles as a weapon.


Physical Appearance

Captain Bubblebeard contains of the following attire: a dirty pirate hat, red belt, gold teeth, blue pants, yellow earrings, and a white beard.


Episode Appearances


"Score one for the buccaneers!"

"At least I have the original idea of hunting for bubblegum! Yer just after cash?"

"Throw in a packet of bubblegum, and we've got a sweet deal comin' on!"

"Scurvy dog, prepare yourself for a mega bubble blow!"

"Ye may have finished me crew, but what if the cannon were turned on you?"

"Face it Peashooter, ye ain't seeking pleasure if you're after me treasure!"

"Me aim was off."


  • Pirate Zombie was part of his salty crew.
  • Bubblebeard was similar to Lobber in creation. Originally just a drunken pirate, LuigiFan found some gum in his pocket, and thought of it as a projectile weapon.