"Ay yo, stupid!" ~ Carl

Carl is one of the recurring characters in Super Plush PacMan, whom also happens to be a friend of Inky and Clyde. He made his first appearance at the end of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Ghosts", where he was spawned from the mask Clyde wore, which at the aftermath was on his butt, but now it was gone and spawned Carl. Aside of working for Betrayus, Carl is known to be a movie watcher/critic in his spare time.


A fire ghost of the Nether Realm, he appears as an orange-red ghost with white eyes and a big smirk on his face. Unlike the other ghosts, he has his ability to summon fire at will.


Carl basically comes as a snarky wise guy, occasionally remarking at a lot of things in general, and he'll pretty much get mad too. However, while he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he's incredibly witty, but there are times, however when he gets annoying.

Episode Appearances

  • Super Plush PacMan: Teenage Mutant Ninja Ghosts!
  • LuigiFan00001's Twelve Days of Christmas!
  • Super Plush PacMan: Clyde and the Chompy
  • Super Plush PacMan: Why Don't Ya Do It Fresh?
  • Super Plush PacMan: King of the Cookies
  • Super Plush PacMan: Zap To It!


"And that giant thing-a-ma-bobber's gonna eat me! Yeah yeah, I've seen this cliche before! Don't worry! I know! I know! I know!"


"See for yourself! Boobies!" (cuts to a photo of two birds)


  • Carl is one of the characters only to be featured in their original series alongside with Sue.