"HI I'M DAISY!" ~ Daisy's catchphrase

Princess Daisy is one of the recurring characters in Super Plush Mario and Luigi's girlfriend. Don't let the princess attire fool you though, get close to her and you'll get what's coming to you. A wild, loud, tomboyish damsel of destruction, she's pretty much here to prove that not all princesses are useless, but that didn't stop her from finding love with Luigi. 


Daisy appears as a human with brown hair and blue eyes, donning a crown on her head, and as her name applies, she has daisies on top on her crown, earrings, and in the center of her dress, which is marigold with orange flowings. She also dons white gloves like Princess Peach.


Daisy is upbeat, loud, and often silly. She is the complete opposite of Luigi, ironically enough. Daisy has been shown to take a leadership role, specifically in Mario Murder Mansion Mystery and My Lethal Deadly Valentine. Daisy also is shown to be the protective type, since she hates to see her friends get hurt or anything else serious happens to them, but mess with Luigi or even think of harming him when she's around, well, good luck trying to fight her. Protecting her friends isn't all she can do, as she also is known to save herself as well, which could explain why she doesn't get kidnapped as much as Peach.

In Super Plush Mario

Daisy usually accompanies with the rest of the cast in their usual, everyday shenanigans in many wild adventures they partake in. She can be seen most of the time with her best friend Peach, and in other cases, with Luigi as well.

The Murder Mansion Mystery

Episode Appearances


"You think you're crazy? Hi, I'm Daisy!"

"Your mother is a *BEEEP* with a pile of *BEEEEP* Snowcones *BEEEEEP* HI I'M DAISY *BEEEEEEEP* Lotsa spaghetti *BEEEEEP* Telescopes *BEEEEEEEP* With a pile of Godzilla *BEEEEEEEEEP* Lust and Greed sitting in a *BEEEEEEEEEEP* Dr. Robotnik *BEEEEEEEEEP*  Soy sauce *BEEEEEEEEEP* You're a *BEEEEEEP* Greenie-green *BEEEEEEP* cutie!"

"Well yeah, as long as I get to spend it with you Luigi~"

"A princess's best friend is a gun~"

"Ever wanna know how to use your head? Well now you're gonna learn today!"



  • Daisy had been stated as a potential contestant for Season 3 of Stuffed Fluffed.