"The name's Buttocks. Dr. Buttocks." ~ Dr. Buttocks when he first appears

Dr. A.H. Buttocks is the Nether Realm's genius and one of the major antagonists of Super Plush PacMan. He is twin brothers with Buttler, though the two do not like each other. One time he wanted to be a dentist to inflict pain on others for money, but sadly, it was never to be accomplished.


Dr. Buttocks appears as a cyan ghost with a butt-shaped head (as his name implies), white truffles of hair on each side of his head, along with his mustache similar to Buttler's. He also dons a mechanical arm on his right which was in an accident back then.


Dr Buttocks has a large ego. His ego is so large that it often gets in the way of Betrayus's plans. He often acts childish towards his brother, and he often argues with him.

Episode Appearances

  • Super Plush PacMan: The Twins (debut and onwards)
  • LuigiFan00001's Twelve Days of Christmas 2015
  • LuigiFan Movie: The Rise of Dr. Wily


"Be quiet. I am not a dentist. I am sad."

"Ohohohoho! Zis has got to be my most greatest idea ever!"

"I have to get my research! It's a blank sheet of paper, because it's secret information!"


  • Dr. Buttocks has been revealed to be a brony.
  • Dr. Buttocks has an odd laugh, similar to the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.