"Miscalculation..." ~ Dr Wasabi

Dr. Wasabi Cookie is one of the many characters on LuigiFan00001's channel. She made her debut in AdolScience: A Valentine's Day Special, where she spent the duration of the special attempting to create a love potion, but was foiled after hearing how overdone it was. From time to time, she's usually seen attempting some crazy experiment with her granddaughter Mustard Cookie, or helping someone else out for unknown reasons.


Wasabi is an older female cookie with tall white hair and a matching unibrow. She is usually wearing a white lab coat over a blue shirt, black pants with green gloves, and goggles. Sometimes she is carrying her white Wasabi Syringe, which oozes with Wasabi.


Dr. Wasabi is a mad scientist, always pursuing some crazy experiment or another. She's not above using others for her experiments, and prefers not to fight head on unless its absolutely necessary. Though she can get frustrated if things don't go her way. Wasabi is not necessarily evil, she merely has her own way of thinking.

Episode Appearances



"Breaking in the Wasabi way!"

"DEAREST... BULLET... Do you know where I can craft a love potion?"

"What, I'm hungry. And the marshmallow parts are so good! Screw the brown parts."

"Yes! YES! The experiment was a complete success, now my Wasabi Syrup Syringe is ready for fire!"

"Stay clear from me, your nose will burn."

"Mustard, help your grandmother. I tag you in."

"The quest is never over... at least until I say so!"

"DEAREST GRANDDAUGHTER." ~ when addressing to her granddaughter Mustard Cookie


  • LuigiFan originally thought Dr. Wasabi was male.
    • This is why Dark Star referred to Wasabi as a "gentleman" in Bowser and Shantae.
  • Dr. Wasabi is one of the rare examples where LuigiFan voices a female character. (Others include Iceberg Lettuce, Sunny and Painwheel.)
  • Dr. Wasabi was intended to be an antagonist in a special titled Spice of Death. This special was scrapped.