"No, don't make me do this!" ~ Ducktube, various occasions

Ducktube Zombie is an aquatic zombie, and is also one of the original seven zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. He tends to get along quite well with the other zombies, most likely due to his abilities. Ducktube is always seen with his duck floaty, "Mr. Quackers". He also has an alter-ego, Super Ducky.


Ducktube Zombie is an average zombie, with a duck flotation device around his body. This allows him to access the water with ease.


A biologist at heart, Ducktube always loved animals, and finding out what made them tick. His true passion however was waterfowl. Ducktube tried in many ways to become one with "Quack Fu," and as such, attempted to create his own duck suit! Being lazy, the "duck suit" was actually a mere duck float. However, Ducktube felt that it would be strong enough, and went into the water as a result.

Episode Appearances

Ducktube has appeared at least once in every episode. He has had an alter ego, "Super Ducky" starting in Episode 21, and rode a robot-duck in Episode 5.



"Ew it's a green pig, Get it out, gross!"



"I can't dance!"

"Ow! You hit me in the foot!"

"Faster than a speeding jetski! Rather than plunge, I quack up! If they were to think of me as nothing, they'd be quite daffy! I... am SUPER DUCKY!"

"Well it's not the costume that counts! It's the nature of the hero! Now let's fight!"


  • Ducktube has a personal rivalry with Super Brainz due to both of them being super heroes.
  • Though one of the original seven, Ducktube has not had much involvement with plots.
  • His biggest catchphrase is "NOOOOO."
  • Ducktube has had his DNA absorbed to create the Tiny Ducktube Eees.
  • When Ducktube says "Ew it's a green pig, get it out, gross!" It was Leonard from the Angry Birds Movie summoned by Jim.
    • This further implies LuigiFan's dislike of Leonard and his design.