"OH NO I GOT A 1!" ~ Duckweed, Disco's Ambush

Duckweed Zombie is easily the most hated zombie out of the bunch. For understandable reasons as well, seeing as he possesses an annoying voice, and stupid antics. Duckweed is often weak, shown being picked on by his fellow peers. Despite this, he was one of the seven original zombies, first seen in The Zombies Attack.


Duckweed Zombie is quite "unique" to say the least. He has many leaves sticking out from his head, as well as a hula skirt and top. He is barefoot, and does not cover up his rear.


Duckweed Zombie was not always covered in Duckweed! Once working as a marine biologist, some bullies decided to pull a mean prank on him by coating him completely in seaweed. Shoving him into the ocean, Duckweed became consumed by the depths of the sea. However, that same night, Duckweed proceeded to eat the bullies' brains!!!

Episode Appearances

Duckweed has appeared in most if not every episode, aside from a few in Season 2, seeing as in those episodes he had taken some time off. He had a large appearance in Episode 50, where he destroys Dr. Zomboss' robot via causing it to self destruct and simultaneously saves the day by accident due to him losing his sanity because of a train.


"I'll shower you with coconut cream pie!"


"Looks like Team Duckweed's blasting of agaaaiiiiiinnnn!"

"Why aren't you saying slap slap slap clap clap clap??"

"Waaaahhh we're lost!!"


"You guys are meanies!"

"Hey Zomboss, I have some big news! Peashooter's gone in another dimension with the turkey and the straw!"

"Brains brains brains brains!"

"This is the best day of my life. Like if you cry everytime."

"I can't believe he remembered my birthday!"




  • Duckweed had split into two separate beings in "Four Bosses at the Gallop!"
    • Whether this had been due to Lobber's package or not is unknown.
    • The second Duckweed is in fact a girl!
  • Despite being hated by the other zombies, Duckweed is one of LuigiFan's favorite zombies, being "that kinda guy you love to hate."
  • Originally having smarts, towards the end of season 1 he began to develop an actual personality.
  • Duckweed was the cause of Dr. Zomboss's downfall due to hearing a train's horn for so long, thus causing him to be insane. It is unknown where he is now.