"Am Duke!" ~ Duke of Flies' main catchphrase

The Duke of Flies is one of the Basement Boys alongside with his friends Monstro, Gemini, and Larry Jr. Like his buddies, before he was a plush he was a paper-cut out in his debut in Plants vs. Zombies: The Control Point. Eventually, after a long absence and officially getting a plush of himself and the rest of the boys, he became one of the many bosses in Plants vs. Zombies Plush.


It is really hard to describe what Duke even is per say. While he does look like an ugly monster with X's for eyes, he can also be seen surrounded by flies, hence his occupation as the "duke" of flies.


Like the rest of the Basement Boys, they have their own level of stupidity. Duke randomly shouts a lot of nonsense that don't make sense whatsoever. But just because he has his level of nonsense doesn't mean he's capable of being a worthy opponent. Heck, there are even times when he'll help out his own buddies sometimes!

In The Legend of Monstro

Duke is one of Monstro's friends. He is seen as the flight user of the group.

Episode Appearances

  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: The Control Point (debut)
  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: Air Raid (re-debut)
  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: Four Bosses at the Gallop!
  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: Ice Ice Yeti!
  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: The Boss Hunt Part 1
  • The Legend of Monstro





"Oooh! Chagashala!"

"Hola! Am Duke!"


  • Duke of Flies has his own boss fights, one when he goes solo, and one when he's with the Basement Boys.
    • He and Monstro are the only Basement Boy members to go solo.
  • Sometimes, Duke's boss theme is the boss theme from Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion.
  • Duke has been seen speaking Spanish before. It is his native language.
  • He sometimes speaks in voice clips from The Maxis game called Spore (more specifically the religious nation voice clips in the civilization stage), at least in his earlier appearances.