"Yay, it's time to make the donuts!" ~ Ed, various occasions

Edmund Florian McZombie is one of the many zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush and revealed to be the son of Dr. Zomboss in later episodes. Out of all the characters to appear on LuigiFan00001's show, none are quite as popular as Ed. Ed himself is based of Ed from Crank Yankers, though his personality in the show is more portrayed as a fun loving idiot, rather than a stereotype. Ed first appeared in the Plants vs. Zombies Plush episode Zombotany Part One: Ed, and has been a recurring major character ever since.


Ed himself appears like a regular zombie, but with fuzzy hair, a blue shirt and white pants. Throughout the episodes, his appearance has not changed as much, with the only exceptions being in some episodes like Episode 12, where he wore a police hat on his head, or in Episode 5, where he wore a helmet.


Ed was originally a child who owned a possessed doll at age 7. Ed and the doll had grown a spiritual bond, with both of them not wanting to leave anywhere without the other. One day, when playing at a park, Ed misplaced his Banette, resulting in a junkyard worker to throw the doll away. Swearing vengeance and betrayed, Banette stormed towards Ed's house, and stabbed him in his sleep. However, Banette took away its own life in the process, feeling sorry for its actions. Ed survived, albeit as a zombie. Ed had actually suffered stabs in the brain, resulting in his stupidity.

Notable Appearances

  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: The Taco: Ed stops the chaos over the taco by using Plant food on the Iceberg Lettuce.
  • Robot Peashooter: Holding out for a Hambone




"Yay, butt crack!"

"Yay, it's time to make the donuts!"

"Do you make the donuts with your BUTT?

"Take me out to the ballgame..."

"Squeal like a pig!!!"

"Hi ladies! My name is Ed!"

"Because Piggy gonna do good. He gonna bring home the bacon!"

"The leaves are alive, Zomboss!"

"You're a kid now, you're an Ed now!"



"STOP RIGHT THERE! Ed's a cop!"

"What are those?"

"Hey, lady!"

"Ladies, ladies, calm down."

"Just leave Ed alone!"


"Here comes Ed!"

"Ed's turn!"

"*Laughs* That's funny!"

"Yay! I'm going to bring home the bacon!"


  • In Plants vs. Zombies Plush Q&A Part 1, from a question from Xenoblade Chronicles Rules est. 2001 (Now known as Monado Boy 16) to him, He acted like Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • Ed is one of the original zombies, others include Lobber and Birthday Boy.
  • Ed was originally going to be called Lamby and was going to have an affiliation with sheep.