"Man, we don't even know Kung-fu. Why are we even here?" ~ Gong

Gong is one of the members of the Kung Fu Team Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush alongside with Hammer and Boomer, as he plays the lookout for them. He and his companions made their debut in the first Season 3 episode Royally Rotten.


Gong has a large black bun atop his head. He is also one of the few zombies with hair! He also has a brown shirt and pants, as well as a large gong in his hands.


Gong was once a member of the Royal Guard. However, when he was given a gong to play, he went trigger happy with it. This caused a large gargoyle to fall on the emperor's head. Annoyed, he sent Gong to be executed. What he didn't expect was for Gong to use his new instrument to help eat his brains! Gong then met Mallet and Boomer, forming the Kung Fu Team under their master Yasser.

Episode Appearances

Since of Season 3 of Plants vs. Zombies Plush, he has appeared in every episode in that season alongside with the rest of the team, even in the Robot Peashooter episode "Hands off my Woody".


"I think we might have found them!"

"Hey Boomer, look! Poka-dots! I look like a Dalmation!"

"Man, they got everything against us!"


  • Although Gong is supposedly from China, he knows more American slang.