"GIT YER HANDS OFF MY WOODY!" - Jedediah, Season 3, Episode 1

Jedediah is one of the cowboy zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush and is one of Hambone's three cousins alongside Pete, Jim, and Slim. He's known for having an obsession, his Woody doll, and is seen with it at all times. He won't let anyone play with Woody, especially Pete.


Jed, being the one who always wanted to claim being the best, always pushed his brothers and cousins down by beating them in everything with his favorite childhood toy, Woody. One day, in their time, him and Hambone got in a big fight in who won rock, paper, scissors. He beat Hambone to the ground out of anger, and killed him. Then after, Hambone came back as a zombie and ate Jed's and the other cowboys' brains. Then all of them got sucked in a time warp later and were transported to the time of plants and zombies fighting. Jed, Slim, and Pete were transported to the outside of a bar. They reunited with Hambone in Lobber's Balloon Buster Bonanza.


He takes the form of the cowboy imp, having himself a light pink shirt with a white vest with black splotches. He also dons himself a cowboy hat, red bandanna, brown pants and brown boots.


A hot-tempered midget and presumably to be the leader of his cousins and brothers, Jed may be smarter than the others, or at least he thinks so, but even so he's quite mean to his relatives, especially Pete, calling them idiots and what else. He's also shown with his Woody doll, whom won't let anyone share it with him, unless if they play nice, which a lot of the time they don't, causing Jed to throw a major fit and beat them up. So word of advice, don't touch his Woody.

Episode Appearances

Ever since Episode 34, Lobber's Balloon Buster Bonanza, Jed has been in every episode of Plants vs. Zombies Plush. He has also appeared in the Robot Peashooter episode, Hands Off My Woody, which is an allusion to his catchphrase. And he's also made an appearance in the Peashooter and Paco's Adventure episode: Farmyard, where he served as the boss of the area alongside Woody.


"If we die, I'm blamin' Pete."


"Sure you can play with Woody, only if you play nice."

"Alright, I'm done for the day."


"Nananananana! Yooouu suuuuAAAAACK!!"

"I thought Pete was the ugliest! He's GREEN."

"Chicken does not come after two, stupid!"


"Nobody touches Woody, except fer me!"


  • Jedediah is easily one of the most angry zombies.
  • Aside from Pete, he'll have a habit of calling others idiots.