"Release the-- BOGUS!" ~ Jocky The Football Zombie when his attack is interrupted

Jocky is a football zombie, who is larger and stronger than most zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. As of Monkey Business, Jocky became a member of The Graveyard Ops as the Muscle/Heavy.


Jocky wears a red helmet with a paw-like skull on the side of it. He also wears a red jersey with white shoulder pads. His jersey has the number 00 on it. He also has white pants and black shoes. Jocky is also significantly larger than most zombies.


Being a member of the Zomburbia Zombies, Jocky was once a regular football player. However, he was then dog-piled by fifty different football players. Then he ate their BRAINS, as with his manager's.

Episode Appearances

Although originally appearing in Episode 18 of Plants vs. Zombies Plush, Jocky had made his debut in the Super Plush Sonic Episode; Dial R for Racing. Since then, Jocky has appeared in nearly every episode of Plants vs. Zombies Plush, especially in the Graveyard Ops. He also appeared as the first boss in Peashooter and Paco's Adventure in the front yard.


"Hey dudes, Since Bolbi is his own dude now, guess I will be using this Imp as my Buddy Buddy, to Punt!"


"Yeah dude!"

"Release the BEAST!"


"Hey guys can we get out of the dogpile now? It feels super weird."



  • Jocky's favorite team is the Oakland Raiders.
  • It is possible that Jocky's surfer like personality was somewhat inspired by the character Super Macho Man from the game Punch Out Wii! This is supported by the fact that some of Jocky's quotes are exactly the same as Super Macho Man. Some examples are "Release the BEAST!" or "Release the BOGUS!"
  • Jocky's name can be spelled as either Jocky or Jockey.