"CURSES!" ~ King Knight, Super Plush Mario: The King Thing

King Knight is a character who first appeared in Super Plush Mario: The King Thing. He acts as one of the two henchmen for The Enchantress in the episode. King Knight himself is an arrogant, cocky knight, whom only works with the Enchantress so he can be referred to as a king, even when he is only a king themed knight. King Knight is from Shovel Knight.


King Knight wears golden armor, wears a crown with a helmet, orange shoulder cuffs, golden gloves, a cape and golden shoes. He appears to be buffed underneath that armor of his.

Episode Appearances

Super Plush Mario: The King Thing

King Knight himself appeared towards the mid-end of the episode, where he, alongside Mole Knight and The Enchantress had planned to seize the throne due to King Bowser not being in power at the time. Despite obliging to enter the castle, King Knight eventually went inside. When inside, he taunted the Enchantress, and proceeded to flee. During the battle, he becomes defeated by Thwomp, only to finally become defeated by Grand Goomba. In the end of the episode, he is forced to hand-wash all of King Bowser's underpants as punishment.


"Ew! Ew! Icky! Icky! Oh my god!"

"What do we do now, your HINEYNESS?"




  • King Knight is not actually a King, he is a king themed knight.
  • King Knight is the fourth member of the Order of no Quarter to appear in an episode, behind Tinker Knight, Plague Knight and Mole Knight.
  • In an unaired LuigiFan episode, King Knight had taken over Fantasyland, claiming how "Every nonsensical world needs a ruler."