"Probably should have mentioned this before, but I'm not like Reed in the slightest. He makes a lightning cloud, I make a lightning STRIKE!" ~ Lightning Rodger

Lightning Rodger is the brother of Lightning Reed and one of the many plants in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. Though Lightning Reed is outgoing, (Though he stutters all the time) Lightning Rodger is shy in a way. Lightning Rodger has many dislikes but his biggest dislike is Lightning Reed. His voice is serious and monotone.


Lightning Roger was first seen in "The Puffshrooms!" as one of the many plants locked inside of Dr. Zomboss's testing laboratory. Since then, he has been working alongside Lightning Reed.

Episode Appearances

His first appearances were in "The Puffshrooms!" and "Air Raid." Ever since then, Rodger has joined the cast and appears regularly.

As a Boss

Rodger can actually fly off the ground using his two massive leaves. He is stronger than Reed, but not as bulky. Like Reed, he has the ability to fire lightning bolts.


  • Both Lightning Rodger and his brother were both based off of the magicians from Dead Rising 2.
  • Rodger is known to have moments where he breaks his monotone voice.
  • Lightning Rodger has one of most powerful Plant Food Abilities recorded to date.