"I'M NEVER LATE! I'M A POSTMAN!" ~ Lobber, Royally Rotten

Lobber is a zombie imp in Plants vs. Zombies Plush who throws packages that have explosive teddy bears. He is the long lost cousin of Bolbi, meaning they are technically related.


Lobber appears similar to a regular imp. The only exceptions include his mohawk haircut, and his stature. He wears a open red shirt, and blue pants. Lobber often carries presents with him, to blow up in people's faces.

Episode Appearances

From "Plants vs. Zombies Plush: Slot Machine", he appeared in many episodes from here on out. Occasionally he'll participate in some skits in Robot Peashooter.



"I'm gonna blow him up so bad!"

"Well that's just perfect! We just got shipped off to the wrong address!"

"Score one for the postal delivery service!"

"Booooo! Your delivery was terrible!"

"Package delivered!"

"Got a present for ya!"

"I'll be sure to send them something spicy!"

"Who wants to be blown up?"


"Yo-ho, yo-ho, I'm Peter Pan, don'tcha know? And you're gonna explode!"

"Meh, I haven't changed a bit, I mean, CRAWLING IN MY SKIN..."

"Is this the end of Lobber?"



  • Lobber wasn't supposed to be a postman. When preparing for an episode, a package was in the same bag as Lobber.
  • Lobber was inspired by Lob Goblin and Mab Lobs from Skylanders and various postmen.
  • Despite Lobber supposedly being Bolbi's cousin, he mentions in I, Zombie that he has no family.
  • One of Rotom's brothers sound very similar to Lobber, that being Heat Rotom.