"Even in that outfit Ludwig, you still look as handsome as always~" ~ Ludwig von Koopa

Ludwig von Koopa is the eldest and the leader of the koopalings. He's known to be pompous in nature, but he keeps a refined personality and the most intelligent of his siblings. When not composing music or admiring himself in his spare time he'll usually accompany his siblings on various adventures, or if they're just going to battle the Mario bros. in general. He used to hold a grudge against Bowser Jr., but over time he seems to care for him, such as sacrificing himself so that way Junior will be spared. He may be conceited, but if you mess with his siblings you have another thing coming! In Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3, he serves as one of the members of the Calara Corps, acting as the right hand man to the true leader.


Ludwig appears as a koopa, but with large cobalt hair, green head, and a cobalt shell with orange rings with his spikes.


Ludwig appears as pompous and concieted, although he does have his gentleman demenor. However, being the eldest isn't easy, as he gets annoyed with his siblings from time to time, though he secretly cares for them, especially since he will help them whenever possible. He appears as the most intelligent of the koopalings and has his love for music.

Episode Appearances


"Iggy. Why."

"You are aware you don't have beautiful hair like me, right? You're aware you don't have a nice blue shell either, hm~? Honestly, at least I have a girlfriend."

"Hm hm hm, oh~ Don't even try~"

"I hope you're happy, that was all of the money I could afford from Bowser Jr.'s piggy bank!"

"Go and execute your mission, I'm going to go and ask myself why I did this."


"Knowing uncle, he's probably doing something stupid. Like trying to get money, or trying to get something. He's always trying to get."


  • Near the end of the Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3 episode Crush the Calara Corps, after the Calara Corps have been disbanded, Ludwig was one of the few that did not reform, and it was hinted later he may have something new planned very soon, but it is unknown at this point in time.