For my dear luigifan by charmeleongirl46-d873fml
LuigiFan00001 is a plush based youtuber who makes plush videos of different varieties and other various videos. His videos and actions are far superior than how they were in the past.

His most popular video is Plants vs. Zombies Plush: Snorkeler and Raa.

LuigiFan00001 himself had started off originally in 2007, but then came under his YT name in 2010. He began uploading videos of Plants vs. Zombies in 2012, and episodes or Angry Birds far before then.

Sometime around 2014 he changed his name to WaterLuigi for a new, cooler name. However, due to a decrease in views, he changed it back to LuigiFan00001.

Originally, his name was supposed to be PropellerLuigi00001. However, he had decided on LuigiFan00001.



In the first three episodes of Cooking ala Chef Piggy, and before 2014, LuigiFan00001, or luigifan00001, was an arrogant person who had planned on killing Chef Piggy. Later on though, he began to act friendly and more kind or considerate than he used to be.

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