"I'm gonna roast you on an open fire!" ~ Mac

Mac is one of the many plants on Plants vs. Zombies Plush and the tank of the Garden Ops. He was once a tiny little TorchWood, but when he was forced to be an experiment by the ShopKeeper he became Giga TorchWood. He can fire seeds out of he arm cannon using his hand as a mini gun. He is part of the Garden Ops. He was summoned by Royal Hypno Flower after the zombies almost won in I, Zombie. He is a very considerate plant even though he had a full on dose of Plantoid-Z.

Physical Appearance

Mac is a regular torchwood grown GIGANTIC. He has a gatling gun on his right arm, that fires flaming hot chunks of wood. He has leaves throughout his entire body, and unlike other plants, actually has arms! His head is always flaming, like a regular Torchwood.


Once a humble Torchwood, he got lured into a trap by the Shopkeeper to become an experiment. Being the first plant infected with the completed dosage of Plantoid Z, Mac grew into a large plant mutant! Mac grew arms with a gatling gun for a right arm. Running out to kill some zombies, Mac was at first a killing machine. But due to his pure heart, Mac did not become completely obsessed with killing zombies.

Episode Appearances:

  • Plants vs. Zombies Plush: I, Zombie! (debut and onwards)
  • Robot Peashooter: Cards and Cretins
  • Robot Peashooter: Holding out for a Hambone
  • Unbearable | A LuigiFan Special- Here, Mac first appears as the secondary protagonist, alongside Citron.


"Outta the way!"

"Let this be a lesson to you Peashooter. Never take Plantoid-Z."

"Say your prayers, you're gonna get cooked."

"Get roasted."

"Now that's what I call 'satisFRYing'."

"You've been barking up the wrong tree!"

"Hidin' in the bush, bein' a ninja, oh yeah~"


  • He can burn plants with the fire on his head.
  • He used to be a tiny little Torchwood.
  • Mac may have a short temper, but is mature and dedicated to his work and his friends.
  • Mac has been stated as LuigiFan's favorite plant.
  • Out of all the plush that have been requested as customs, Mac has been the most popular choice.
  • He is usually seen with Citron, and the two are best friends.