"Gobble Gobble my son." ~ Momma Turkey, Cooking ala Chef Piggy Episode 10

The Momma Turkey is a selfish turkey who only cares about herself, her son, and no one else, although she often will scold her son when he has a stupid idea. If anything gets in her way, she will probably destroy it rather than talk things out, since she is quite dumb. Others often confuse Momma Turkey to be a man. Momma Turkey merely wants to be a free bird in life.

Physical Appearance

Momma Turkey is a large turkey, with a deep manly voice. he can also fly in a dramatic fashion, and can hold a gun despite having no hands. but wings. she is also fat


Cooking ala Chef Piggy Episode 10- Momma Turkey and her son were merely minding their own business, until Chef Piggy showed up to capture her son. Since the Momma was out, Chef Piggy captured her son. This caused the Momma to search high and low, and interrogate garbage cans until she found him.

Robot Peashooter: Guess that Zombie!- Momma Turkey made a guest appearance as the person who filmed Bonk Choy during his talkshow. She would throw things at him until finally tackling him.

The Turkey Cometh: A Thanksgiving Special- Momma Turkey is remembering the event where Chef Piggy had captured her son. She also told her son the history of the turkeys who had been cooked, and her plan to conquer the chefs. It is revealed in this episode that she can fly. After recruiting Froakie, Chatot, Pickle Dude, Starly, Togepi, Ditto, and Pumpkaboo, Momma Turkey and her army charged into Chef Piggy's Kitchen. It is also shown that Momma Turkey does not want Spider to be in the army because he has a "big butt." Holding up an NES Zapper Gun, explaining her motives and shooting a few people, Momma Turkey began to round up all of the others in an attempt of a massive genocide. Setting up an electric barrier, Momma Turkey had come close to her goal of serving everyone for Thanksgiving, if not for Greed defeating them, freeing the other plush, and then with them proceeding to defeat her army. It is assumed Momma Turkey died at the end of the episode, becoming stabbed by Chef Piggy.


  • Originally, Momma Turkey was in a video simply titled "Luigi gets fat".
  • In that video, she was a male turkey named "Dr. Wacky Turkey," who made a potion to make Luigi similar to his appearance in Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Momma Turkey is a character who has not appeared in some time, despite causing a tragic event.