"It doesn't happen with little hearts coming off of one's heads, it kind of happens internally." ~ Mustard trying to explain love to her grandmother, Dr. Wasabi.

Mustard Cookie is one of the many characters on LuigiFan00001's channel. She makes her first appearance in The Legend of Monstro: Power to the Peacock, where she ends up pointing Monstro to the direction of Peacock, the master of the arcade. She later went on to have a major supporting role in the Valentine's Day special: AdolScience, alongside her grandmother Dr. Wasabi Cookie, assisting Marie in stopping Nurse Valentine's latest plot.


Mustard is a female cookie with mustard-yellow hair and a bunny skull pin in it. She wears a brown shirt with a red-kilted skirt and brown and red stockings, and is usually seen carrying two spray cans.


Mustard Cookie is a serious and often sarcastic character. She was made this way due to having to take care of her grandmother’s crazy antics and clean up her messes. She has plenty of street smarts and has a way with graffiti. Mustard does care about those whom she loves, and holds them close to her heart.

Episode Appearances


"Yeah, Grams usually gets like this when she finds something... interesting."

"Something we girls call... a makeover."

"Really Grams, now of all times?"


"You attack me you lose your life, got it?"

"Get ready to spin the beat!"



  • Originally appearing in Power to the Peacock, Mustard first appears separate from her grandmother.
  • Mustard Cookie is the first Cookie Run representative on the channel.