"Hola yo me llamo Paco, Comer un Taco, Uno Taco Grande!" Paco, Season 1, Episode 13

Paco Maria Cactus is a random cactus who loves tacos, and pizza at the same time, and one of the main plants (and protagonists) in Plants vs. Zombies Plush and its spin-off show: Peashooter and Paco's Adventure. She was originally identified as a male (hence the name), though later on LuigiFan's channel, Paco was confirmed as a female. In Plants vs. Zombies Plush, Paco is one of the main characters and the Engineer Class for the Garden Ops. She is very silly and is not too bright, but her heart is definitely in the right place.


Paco's design had originally appeared similar to the Cactus from Plants vs. Zombies. However, after the episode "Just What the Doctor Ordered", Paco has had her design similar to Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Garden Warfare.

Episode Appearances

Although Paco made various appearances in Season 1, she did not gain her "unique" personality until Disco's Ambush. Since then, she has been in The Garden Ops, as one of the silliest characters. She also stars as one of the main characters in the Plants vs. Zombies Spin-off series, Peashooter and Paco's Adventure alongside with Peashooter to find 18 Z-Crystals so she can win $1,000,000.


"You know what Paco would do? Paco would mess you up!"



"Hola yo me llamo Paco, Comer un Taco, Uno Taco Grande!"

"You dare to insult Paco like this?"

"My name is Paco, I want a taco. Me favorite shoes' Rocko, me, Socko."


"You're both hideous,will you shut up now?"


  • Paco may be stupid, but she has been seen as smart at times.
  • Her relationship with Garlic Drone is unknown.
  • Despite being a Cactus, Paco is concerned with her looks, and how things may ruin her "complexion."
  • Paco seems to get attacked by Bubblebeard the most.