"Well boys, get yourselves in shape. We gots Toon Town to take over!" ~ Peacock

Patricia "Peacock" Watson is one of the many characters in LuigiFan00001's channel. She is the deuteragonist and false main antagonist in The Legend of Monstro: Power to the Peacock. In the episode, Peacock is seen as an arcade legend, who excels in fighting games. However, when Monstro interrupts her game, Peacock proceeded to attack Monstro and his buddies. Peacock is seen as quite a powerful and avid fighter despite her age. She also commands a gang of weasels, The Toon Patrol, as seen in the later part of the episode.


Peacock appears as a toon-like human cyborg with her cartoon black eyes, a grin on her face, ginger hair, and her notable bio-mechanical arms, which comes with three eyes each on them and white gloves. Clothing wise, she has a large purple top hat with two buttons with Xs on them, a flowing purple dress with a red bow to go with it, and black shoes.


Peacock is a wisecracking, sarcastic, snarky child. With a love of toons and a mischievous personality, she'll stop at nothing to achieve whatever goals she has in mind. Despite her psychotic toon-like personality, she at least has some sense into her, as she has a heart for friends alike such as her old friend Marie, or in this case when fighting a common enemy, Monstro. 

Episode Apppearances


"LADY?! Look here ya little dorks, I'm a kid!"

"You're in for it now, it's high toon~"

"I guess you can say this one's... in the bag!"

"Don'tcha worry blob ol' buddy! I gotcha covered! After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend! And by logic, you're my best friend in the whole wide world, and I wouldn't trade anything for ya!"




  • Peacock took the Toon Patrol in under her wing after Judge Doom abandoned them.
  • Peacock is (currently) the only boss to actually defeat Monstro.