"Ah, my lovely Pacums~" ~ Pinky

Pinky is one of the recurring characters of Super Plush PacMan and the female member of the Ghost Gang. She has a crush on PacMan, or as she calls him: "Pacums", who denies every time due to not being interested in "icky romance". Even due to PacMan's declines, she still holds an unhealthy crush on him to this day, even if there are times when she'll help him in some episodes.


Unlike the other three ghosts, Pinky has her Ghostly Adventures design, which has a pink body with a hairstyle, and violet eyes with sky blue pupils.


Pinky is seen as a flirtatious, loving and often kind character. She often chases after PacMan, wanting to have his affection. However, there have also been times when she has joined forces with him to stop a higher force (Blinky). She is also seen to have a sense of morality, such as King of the Cookies when she questions Blinky after sending Clyde out of his throne room.

Episode Appearances


"If I had a dollar for every time you said "butt", I'd be a millionaire."

"I want my Pac~"

"Blinky are you kidding me! Clyde was our friend!"


"Come on Pacums, just one little kiss!"


  • Pinky is the only member of the Ghost Gang who uses her Ghostly Adventures design, rather than her GameCube/PacMan World counterpart.
    • Inky and Clyde's Ghostly Adventures counterparts have made an appearance in the episode Lord Betrayus, Leader of Ghosts!, though it's unknown what happened to them afterwards.
  • Pinky calls PacMan "Pacums", just like in the PacMan and the Ghostly Adventures cartoon.
  • As of recent, Pinky's theme is Krankenstein's theme from Skylanders: Trap Team.