"SALUTE THE SUN!"- Ra Zombie, various episodes

Ra Zombie is one of the zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. He is a minion of Dr. Zomboss who can steal sun with his staff. Ra is the older brother of Buckethead Zombie.


Ra is really just a mummy zombie. His skin is a pale green. He wears a bird themed headdress on his head at all times. The headdress seems to resemble an Osprey. Ra is wrapped up in white bandages, similar to other mummies. His right arm is wrapped up, where his left arm is bare. He has gold straps around each wrist. He always carries his sun collecting staff, which is gold with a sun on top. The rod is crooked at the bottom.


Originally one of the many pharaohs of Egypt, Ra and his clumsy brother were strange rulers to say the least. They loved to throw crocodiles in the fire, as well as their powerful rule of the land. Ra in particular loved the sun. He loved the sun so much that he stared directly into it for several hours, eventually dying. His subjects left him to rot, and eventually, Ra Zombie emerged! He proceeded to eat his subjects brains, and also gained the ability to suck up sun in his staff. When Dr. Zomboss showed up in his time machine, he took Ra and Buckethead with him. Ra was preserved until Season 2, whereas Buckethead was used in Heat Wave.

Five Night's at Ra RaZombie's

He made his (sort of) debut in the Robot Peashooter episode Five Night's at Zombies, parodying the FNAF franchise, at first being a Freddy-Fazbear-like animatronic, but thanks to Head Zombie and Ed, he was free alongside with Slim, Buccaneer, and Swashbuckler (later best known as Captain Bubblebeard). He doesn't appear later however until the start of Season 2.

Episode Appearances:

  • Robot Peashooter: Most Episodes, specifically Get Your Hands Off My Woody and Five Nights at Zombies.


"Well Frankly the sun is not out today so therefore I should not be here either, and therefore I should not act as stupid and as a reference to that one character from The Lord of the rings, and therefore I must leave, Bye Bye!"

"SALUTE THE SUN, LIKE A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE!" ~ When he lost his sanity in 'Lobber's Balloon Bonanza' due to the day being too sunny.



"Must be peasants."



  • Ra is based off of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings.
  • Whenever the sun is not presented, Ra acts more sophisticated.
  • Sometimes, when he is observing the sun, he tends to get seizures as a result.