"I, Sid~, am now the king once again!" ~ Sid

Sid the Plush King is a large seal who is the king of all plush in all the Multiverse. He takes good pride in ruling over the Plush Kingdom, including defending them from evil whenever he can, especially with the likes of villains such as Chef Piggy and Blinky. He plays very prominent roles in very old series (Return of the Koopalings), helping the protagonists whenever he can, but when he's not fighting evil, he can be seen relaxing in his throne watching all of his subjects having fun, minding their own businesses like usual, whether good or bad.


Sid is a large grayish-brown seal puppet with two beady eyes to go along with it. His whiskers can also be seen as well.


Uppity yet humble, the Plush King has a strong hold on justice. He is also very silly, and tends to laugh at his guards when they mess up.

Episode Appearances

  • Return of the Koopalings
  • Super Plush Mario: The Many Booms of Bowser Jr.
  • Super Plush PacMan: King of the Cookies
  • Super Plush Mario: Stuck in the Pipe


"I love doing that."

"Yeah ma boy, you are safe!"


  • Whenever Sid says his own name, he speaks it in a manner of his own, which does sound oddly cute.
  • Sid is a powerful being. The only way Sid can be defeated is via a "Death Cannon."
  • Sid is not a plush... He is a Puppet!