"IT'S SUPER BEAN!" ~ Super Brainz

Super Brainz debuted as one of the bosses in the Plants vs. Zombies Plush episode Four Bosses At The Gallop! Then, he was demoted to one of the members of the Graveyard Ops. He hates Super Bean (or Laser Bean), and has the ability to use his "TWISTY TORNADO"! He can fly and shoot electricity out of his hands. He has battled Super Bean and Royal Hypno Flower on many occasions. He was one of the winners in the challenge Zomboss gave him called I, Zombie. He is from the future, and he was the one who confirmed that zombies have taken over the world in the future. Despite being on the zombies side, he can be considered a supporting character, due to his heroic personality.


In the Far Future when zombies ruled the world, Super Brainz was on the set for the new movie he starred in: "Super Brainz Fights: The Monstrous Plant from Jupiter", which got a lot of spectacular reviews. But after the filming was done, a portal appeared and out came Laser Bean/Super Bean, and with that, Super Bean eradicated the zombies that stood in his way. Super Brainz know that this menace had to be stopped, or at least he tried to. A portal appeared then and teleported him from the future to the present, where he met Dr. Zomboss.

Physical Appearance

Yellow gloves, purple mask, yellow cape, ripped purple pants, one yellow shoe, some missing teeth, a brain emblem on his shirt, black curly hair, and black pupils.



"I'll have to use my super calculator!"

"Is it the brilliant Super Brainz fun bonanza extravaganza?"


"It's even worse than I thought! He's singing! SINGING!! WHAT A MADMAN!!"

"Ouch! That's going to leave a super bruise!"


"That's all... folks... Tomorrow, expect a brighter future. Tomorrow, expect great things. For you've done great today. Don't ever let your hopes just be hopes. Continue striving for the best."

"Oh yes, you'll need a mascot for your team!"

"That's my line!"

"You live with us, Duckweed."



  • Super Brainz is from the future where zombies rule the world.
  • Originally, Super Brainz was an actor.
  • His "Braindoken" and "Kame-Hame-Brain" are references to Street Fighter and Dragon Ball respectively.