The Tails Doll is a demonic entity, and one of the most villainous characters in any of LuigiFan00001's shows. Originally having a voice similar to Dr. Cortex, the Tails Doll is the main antagonist of the Tails Doll series. He also appears in Super Plush Sonic, starting with Dial R for Racing.


He appears to be the same as Tails, but with a gem for an antennae and even wider eyes. In actuality, Tails Doll is actually a Tails plush with wide eyes and the gem taped on top of him. Originally he had a wide smile on his face, but then it was removed in later videos.


The Tails Doll is a murderous psychopath that kills anybody that crosses its path. However, as a Minion, he is dumb, annoying and usually only summoned as a large result.

Basically, Tails Doll is nothing related to his mainstream counterpart, and lacks any redeeming qualities.

As an Antagonist

Mysterious, bizarre and unnerving, the Tails Doll murders all that cross its path. Usually he can only be put down by a large group of individuals.

As Eggman's Minion

As Dr. Eggman's loyal henchman, Tails Doll is dumb, very annoying and usually only summoned as a last resort.


  • Originally having an english accent, his voice changed to a spoiled brat's voice.
  • However, the original intention was to keep Tails Doll mute.