"EEEEEEEE!" The EEE's, constantly

The EEE's are a group of tiny zombies. They are often either summoned by Disco Zombie or used as firepower in a cannon. They were originally unimportant, but became essential characters towards the end of Season 2. They were created with the DNA of a regular zombie, then molded into a smaller size, thanks to Dr. Krankcase.

Notable EEE's

Casual: A defunct EEE whose head fell off.

Little Fry: The first EEE. He was a defunct due to being arrogant, and he also can talk on top of that.

Little Duckies: Three EEEs made with Ducktube's DNA. They are all related and can speak.

Caput: An EEE made with Head Zombie's DNA. He is considered a "Perfect Little Zombie".

EEE Number 7: An EEE who can talk, though known for his flair for the dramatic as well. 




"*burp*" (Casual EEE)

"Hey guys, what's UP?" (Little Fry)

"Oh man, I'm gonna mess you up so hard that you will-" (Little Fry)



"Ahh... You serious man?" (Little Fry)

"Yeah you heard the boss, let's go help the Monkey Man!" (Little Fry)

"Yeah this man, I'm here" (Little Fry)