"ABCDEFG, please do not kill me." ~ Zombotany 1

Zombotany 1 (or Regular Zombotany) is the “brother” of Zombotany 2 and one of the many zombies on Plants vs. Zombies Plush. He can fire normal peas out of his peashooter head. He was created with the DNA of Head Zombie and Peashooter. He is also known to drink zombie slime which makes him drunk at times.


The Zombotanies were created with the DNA of Head Zombie, Peashooter, and Snow Pea. But Zombotany 1 was created with Peashooter and Head Zombie's DNA. Zombotany 1's abilities include shooting peas and eating plants.


Zombotany may look like a regular zombie with the brown shirt, red tie, blue jeans and brown shoes, but his more notable trait is his peashooter head which he got from inhabiting the DNA of Peashooter himself.


Episode Appearances

  • Plants vs. Zombie Plush: Zombotany (and onwards)
  • Robot Peashooter
  • A Commercial for the Thwomp Plushie Pillow
  • Commercial for the Super Mario Shroom Shake
  • A commercial for Old King Cole


"Hey buddy, either we've been drinking or Ed's a cop.”

"Ay buddy I tell ya, I got the bucket head and you don't."

"Every time they say 'dah', pass me a shot."

"Sometimes I get the feeling we're all just little plush toys in a giant claw machine."

"I for one accept our day off!"


  • In the I, Zombie challenge he died, although was still acknowledged.
  • He is difficult to find online.
  • His real name is actually Dave.
    • Dave is not to be confused with Crazy Dave (The Human).