"*drunken gibberish*" ~ usual dialect from Zombotany 2

Zombotany 2, or better known as Snow Zombotany is one of the zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Plush and the sibling/close friend of Zombotany 1. Often drinking, these two zombies are usually drunk. Snow Zombotany has a female voice, and shoots snow-peas unlike the normal Zombotany, whom shoots regular peas. One of Snow Zombotany's iconic personality traits is drinking zombie slime, which is the zombie equivalent of alcohol. However, in later episodes they appear more sober than in their earlier appearances.

Physical Appearance

Zombotany 2 appears as a regular zombie but with a Snow Pea head made from Snow Pea's DNA. Otherwise, they are a regular zombie by appearance. Their eyes appear angry.


The Zombotanies were created with the DNA of Head Zombie, Peashooter, and Snow Pea. But Zombotany 2 was created with Snow Pea and Head Zombie's DNA. Zombotany 2's abilities include shooting ice peas, and eating plants.

Episode Appearances

Snow Zombatany has appeared in every episode since their debut in Episode 5. Occasionally they'll also appear in various skits in Robot Peashooter like Zombotany. They have also made a large role in The Boss Hunt, as a boss.


"Ah what're ya talkin about, c'mon!"




"Y'know, you should be used to that by now."


"You heard the man! Let's go!"


  • From what is seen from the Q and A part one, Snow Zombotany seems to be really close with Zombotany. This is to be expected because they were both created at the same time and shared the most time together.
  • Sometimes, their voice will change every so often.
  • As revealed in the episode "The Wagon Goes Boom", their name is actually Larry!
  • It's unknown as to what the actual gender of Snow Zombatany is, since their voice changes every so often.
  • The Zombotanies' names are based on Dave and Larry, who LuigiFan finds as "the only funny GoAnimate characters."